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The Car Seat Protector Saved My Seats

The Car Seat Protector Saved My Seats

You know what the most annoying thing about having kids is? It’s all that stuff that no one tells you about and then acts surprised when you’re like, “I didn’t know that!” Yeah, thanks. People are all too quick to tell you how you should dress your baby and what kind of crib to get and they will totally talk your ear off about strollers too.
Heck, they’ll go into the land of car seats and you’ll never get them to stop talking.

But as they drone on and on about rear-facing car seats, not one of them will tell you what I’m about to tell you. They will talk about safety clasps and padding and making sure the seat is locked into place. But they won’t ever tell you that the car seat you need for your baby will totally wreck your seats.
It’s not as bad on canvas seats, but you’ll still get quite a bit of wear and tear on there. There will be grooves deep down long after you take that baby car seat out. They’ll be marred and marked with old crayons and crumbs from food you can no longer identify. And if you have leather seats? Oh boy! You can kiss that resale value on your car goodbye. They’re as good as ruined.

So are you to sacrifice your backseat for the use of a car seat? Oh no, don’t be silly! Thankfully someone thought of it and now the word is out among parents everywhere about this very simple and effective solution that keeps your child’s car seat from ruining your backseat.

It’s called the Smiinky Car Seat Protector. When you see it, you’ll kick yourself because you won’t believe you didn’t think of it first. It fastens to the headrest of the backseat and covers the back and the seat completely with some room to spare on either side of the car seat. It literally takes 2 seconds to put on your backseat to protect it from the damages of the car seat.

On the backside, it’s fitted with a no-slip grip that holds the car seat protector in place. It’s the friction from the car seat as your drive your car regularly that causes the car seat to scuff, rip, and tear quality upholstery and leather. Along with those crumbs, it adds more friction, creating a perfect storm of destruction for your seats.

With the car seat protector, the car seat stays firmly in place without sliding. Another bonus of that no-slip material is that it helps keep spills from seeping through. The front of the car seat protector is made from durable polyester that you can wipe clean. And when big spills happen and it’s time for a deep cleaning, it is completely machine washable, making it even easier to care for.

The Smiinky Car Seat Protector also comes with two pockets, which any mom can tell you that there is no such thing as too many pockets. It’s true. These make for more places to stash things you often forget when you’re in a hurry. Like wet wipes, diapers, tissues, pacifiers, or anything you can use more of. Just stick it in the pockets. Trust me. There will come a time when you realize you’ve sped away from your house to pick up your older child from soccer practice without taking the diaper bag while your little one makes an epic mess in his diaper. It happens, and it will happen when you forget to take along the things you need the most.

So it saves your seats from damaging car seat friction. It protects against spills. It works with all car seat brands. It’s made from quality polyester that you can machine wash when it gets grungy. It has storage pockets ideal for remembering the little things you forget. And it has a lifetime guarantee.

That’s exactly why I chose the Smiinky Car Seat Protector. I looked at other brands but they were either too expensive or the material wasn’t durable enough. Some were a combination of both. Others didn’t extend as high up the back of the seat. And while I wouldn’t say that no pockets were a deal-breaker on the others, once I saw that the Smiinky Car Seat Protector had everything I was looking for from quality to meeting seatback height requirements AND it had pockets, none of the other car seat protectors could even compare.

I learned the hard way. When my oldest was a baby, no one told me about how car seats can mangle the backseat. Or the amount of crumbs one toddler can make, which is truly astounding. Think of it as an ant’s paradise! It wasn’t until the damage had been done that I found out. I got a new car seat for my son as he got bigger and made the grisly discovery. I mentioned it to my neighbor at the time (we’ve since moved to a new house) and she gave me this, “Well, duh!” look like I should have known about this. Like this was vital information in that What to Expect book. Incidentally, it’s not in there but it totally should be.

So along with the new car seat, I picked up the Smiinky car seat protector and I’m pleased to say that it saved my backseat from incurring more damage. Soon after, I traded my car in and then made sure that the first thing I did with my new car was put that car seat protector in it before I installed the car seat. After about 8 months, we left the kids with my sister and her husband for the evening. I let them take the car seat should they need to go anywhere. My seats still looked good as new! The car seat protector is that one thing that every parent needs that no one ever thinks about. But now that you know, go protect your backseat. Your car will thank you!